Polska. New Public Life

25 years ago Solidarność (Solidarity), one of the largest civic movements in the history of Europe, brought down communism in Poland. Today, grassroots social movements are altering the landscape of Polish towns, both large and small. This book presents a mere sample of revitalisation and modernisation processes taking place in the realm of public spaces of Poland. We have chosen over 20 examples out of an array of thousands of projects. It was not an easy choice, but we would like to think that it is representative of the issue and offers a certain perspective on the changes that are happening in Poland. The best way to find out whether we have made the right decision is to check it up oneself while on a visit to Poland.

Photo: Anna Brzezinska, Rafał Sosin, Joanna Kinowska, Kasia Znana, Miłosz Rebeś. Text: Tomasz Żylski / Architektura-murator. English translation: Zosia Sochańska. Photo editor: Mateusz Bzówka. Managing editor: Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska. Production: Centrum Architektury Foundation.

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